Rules and standards of behaviour

  • The entrance is permitted after paying the ticket and having received a life vest.
  • The entrance to the park is governed by the lifeguards at the established hours.
  • Each person of age over 6 can enter the park. Each person shorter than 140 cm can enter only if accompanied by an adult, who takes his own responsability.
  • The responsability of subjects with height less than 140 cm is completely assumed by the adult figure designated to accompany him. The society declines all responsability towards the subject of height less than 140 cm in height.
  • The subject of height less than 140 cm can never be left alone on the games.
  • Each person with disabilities and not self sufficient can enter park only with a companion.
  • The ticket gives the right to use all the attractions of the park respecting the rules of the park.
  • The entrance is not refundable in any case.
  • Hourly maximum capacity is 400 people.
  • The direction can close the park at any time in case of bad weather in order to preserve the safety of the people. No total nor partial refund is expected in case of closure due to bad weather.
  • Life vest can’t be taken off or given to other people.
  • Entrance and exit to the park are only permitted through entrance ramps. It is forbidden to enter and exit the park through le perimeter fence.
  • The presence inside the park lasts a fixed time and each person must leave the park at the end of this fixed time or whenever called by someone of the Boabay crew.
  • The entrance is forbidden to people who cannot swim.
  • No animals allowed inside the park.
  • In the game it is allowed to introduce photo and video instrument, the subject owner of these objects is responsible for their storage and use.•    The management declines all responsibility, civil and criminal, for any accidents caused to itself or to third parties and for any material and non-material damage, to things and / or  persons, damage to any personal object and / or expenses (including legal fees), that they should derive from their participation in the park visit using photo / video shooting tools, also as a result of their own or others’ behavior.•    The subject who intends to introduce photo / video recording instruments inside the park is personally responsible for the use of the acquired images. It cannot claim any kind  of  compensation from the management for the use of the images.
  • It is forbidden to bring or wear any dangerous object such as glasses, cans, watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, knives, hair pins, scissors…
  • It is forbidden to eat, drink and chew gums on the attraction
  • Each person who is wearing glasses must remove them before entering the park.
  • Each person must stick to the orders given by the lifeguards.
  • Each person must behave accordingly to the common sense of decency.
  • Each person must have a right behaviour and every attraction of the park must be used in a correct way and respecting the other customers, keeping a minimum safety distance due to avoid contacts and collisions.
  • Each person must leave the structure as soon as possible when a storm is approaching the park.
  • It is forbidden to dive where other customers are swimming.
  • It is severely forbidden to swim under the floating structure.
  • It is forbidden to put feet or hands in the handles, straps of rings.
  • It is forbidden to exceed the maximum capacity pointed out by the lifeguard.
  • It is forbidden to swim, to stand and to climb under other people.
  • Each person must be sure that swimmers had cleaned the area under a slide before of using it.
  • It is severely forbidden to: push other people, slide upside down or standing or on the knees, wear any kind of shoes, stand on the slides or at their end, standing or swimming inside the boats lane by the park.
  • Entrance to the park is forbidden to people with heart problems, to pregnant women, to people with prosthesis and/or plaster casts, to people who cannot sustain major physical efforts.
  • It is severely forbidden to enter the park outside the opening hours and during the night.
  • It is forbidden to stand or to lie down on the beach in front of the park while waiting for the entrance time.
  • Every customer who declares to be able to use the attractions takes charge of any risk relative to not declared or not evident pathologies and to any damage caused to himself or to other people caused by these circumstancies.
  • Park direction can expel anyone whose behaviour is not in line with these rules. The direction can close the structure in any moment in case of danger without refunding any ticket.
  • Park direction shall not be responible for the personal belongings left inside the lockers or unattended on the beach.
  • Park direction declines any responsability for damages or accidents to people or objects caused by carelessness or by not respecting the security rules of the park. Transgressors will be immediately expelled from the structure, with the express resevation of condemnation to the Public Authority.
  • With the purchase of the ticket you acceptance of the regulations governing us of the structure and the protocol of regulations of measures for the prevention and the containment of the spreading of COVID-19 in relation to carry out safely the activities of theme parks, aquaparks, zoos, amusement parks and traveling shows management in Emilia Romagna.


Le previsioni di oggi


Entrance: beach number 47 until 62

It is very easy to reach the Aquapark: extremely close to hundreds of hotels, it is place along the promenade bike path that connects the city center to the Port of Rimini.

By bus: line 11 - stop 15
or 16
By train: Rimini Centrale station
By car: A14 motorway, Rimini Sud exit
By Metromare: Pascoli stop

Reach BoaBay with the Metromare
from the Pascoli stop you can reach the park in 5 minutes on foot
Walking from the car park
is a healthy choice to get ready to the physical activity on the aquapark
walking from the car park + 1 hour at boabay
= 600 calories consumed


Technical partner

BoaBay is in the sea in front of 14 beach resorts of “Le Spiagge Rimini”.
An innovative concept of holiday, a lot of facilities and attractions.

A sea of activities: from relax to games, from hot tubs to sport areas to gastronomy, here we lack for nothing!